Hanging out the lover-washing
Got the cotton tees pegged up
Chant solo, round and round in
Dharawal place with the
laundry gold light

Cycle through the prayers and the
Rio, Bonds, All-Day Socks

Each man time shot through with
Washing-line sojourns where I
Tumble the question of compatibility,
Children, sex,
Monogamy, income.

Black and grey bloke undies
Get green and green pegs.
Bras start out as Delicates
But soon get skewed in the General Load.

Boy socks, threadbare.

Peg it out. Feel their ribs.

The break-up pang of remembering their hoodies.

Wondering about their girth and bones from the
Width of their pants.

Mind light on the house labour mode, the gender cycle, the laundry comments in my memory.

The expensive maternity bra reminds me of loss. Drape the lacy bits.

And, the Tool shirts.

Always the Tool shirts.


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