A boom in the sun with the words

Whoaaaaa. Theorising explosion. Exhilarating.

Sitting in the sun-goodness with occasional kookaburra encouragement, I read. Article about branding. Old-school, almost nostalgic process of writing quotes from it on paper, to give eyes and forearm a break from devices. Then BOOM here comes the thing that I have been trying to say for five years!

Maybe it is kinda good, even though hard, that I have been told to do significant revisions. Cos, here we are.

The process of thinking, reading, writing, and research in order to Say Something is pretty mysterious. I guess you just keep doing it, and sometimes the mysterious BOOM happens.

Ok, need to give arms and should and wrist a break now:)

And, here I go with tagging and promoting my actual creative writing experience, which is what the writing itself is about.

Whoa-a. Just have some coffee.

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