Does Australian Hip Hop Have a Problem With Ladies?

Ok ok.  

The question, does Australian hip hop have a problem with racism? has been getting extra attention lately. Grand, very grand.  (Oh yeah, perfect final bit for the thesis …)  No, but it is confirmation of what many artists and scholars have been noticing.

I enjoyed hearing these voices together in one place.  Of this (yeah, subjective …) list of the top in Australian hip hop, one, one was a lady (the force herself, Nay from The Last Kinection).  

What’s the problem?  Top artists doesn’t have to be numbers of units moved.  I guess they vaguely meant biggest profile.  Guess how profiles get bigger?  Articles like this are a part of it.  Sky High, Macromantics, Layla?  Hello?

The old ‘affirmative action’ debate, essentially.  More inclusion does need to happen.  This is partly on the gate keepers of music press/web and record labels (yes, some of whom have included ladies.  Still more room. More).

Meanwhile, ladies are just doing it, calling it out:


I recommend following @BustyBeats and @AustralianBooty on the twoosh to help amplify the call.


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