Endo Blasto

The Guardian published an article on endometriosis, hurrah.  I wrote this comment:

Thank you to the authors and editors for writing and publishing this article. I saw the call-out for input from readers and I didn’t respond in time, which is a bummer. However, having this published is profound for me nevertheless. I have endometriosis and it has meant huge amounts of cyclical suffering. Truly indescribable levels of pain. Coming up regularly. To work around and try and plan a life around. I have also internalised shame and the taboo of speaking up about it, which also meant 20 years of suffering before having a diagnosis. (I touched on this in a blog post, here: http://slapsista.com/woman-woman-woman/). I really value de-stigmatising pieces such as this, and I hope that other women get diagnosis and treatment much, much earlier than I did. My fertility has been ok so far, I have had two pregnancies, but even with surgery, which I have had, this is a life-long condition that can recur. I urge any women with painful periods to seek out a helpful GP and gynaecologist: and if they are not helpful and compassionate, keep seeking! Because of my experiences with doctors (and, at the time, having bad side effects and seeing a negative portray of the Pill), I moved from a medical to a ‘holistic’ path: which resulted in many years of expense and frustration, all because those practitioners were actually compassionate. However, I can testify that the herbs didn’t help. Endometriosis Australia in Australia are a helpful organisation (they also have a Facebook group). Thanks again Guardian (for this and the PMDD article, which I also have, the thrills).


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