Gone Bloggo

Rather than troppo.  It’s a funny thing.  My thesis has become a discussion of self-commodification, and how the pressure to do so is felt by many (I particularly look at hip hop MCs).  Then, as a tutor, I am part of a course where we help students develop blogs and online portfolios.  Fair enough.  I am also interested in creative and critical writing and composition online.  Double fair enough.  But then, how do I go about branding my self while also quite aware of the bounded nature of doing so?  For example, my creative side (a little quiet for a while but surely bubbling again) –  do I mix it in with the academic self, that wouldn’t mind employment?  Do I carve a brand as a creative, mixed up academic, because some places might employ such a creature?  

You see, I have also nabbed a wordpress space for myself, a tumblr, and have an academic portfolio space.  I am wondering how to divide and conquer it all, or whether to remain in the swim in this blog-o-space subject to my different thought currents.

I will let all of my imaginary readers know how I go.

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