Hard wire day

It’s ten to nine on a Monday night.  I am so ready for bed after a marathon day.  You know, of mothering and dog-caring and cooking and baking and cleaning and walking and throwing the ball and not getting a nap and constantly moving, doing multiple loads of washing with a toddler who has times of clinginess that make my goal-orientated mind buck.  And all of the emotional management that comes with parenting and getting through such a day.

Now the toddler is being settled, I have eaten, showered, finished a cake and am sitting. Time for unwinding and trying to reconfigure my body to go to sleep early.


It’s super hard to do. Yeah, I have read research every now and then that says that we are pretty hard-wired in our sleep preference.  Mine is pretty weird as it is, and definitely not in sync with my little one’s.

Anyway.  I know millions of people go through this stuff, and many millions go through much, much worse.

But, you see, I have been firmly nudged by an internal voice to write.  Just write.

So here.

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