Impressionistic Internet

There were web pages and html sumfin sumfin, early searches and email lists, forums and slow scrolls.  Loading, the bit-dit-dot-krrrr noise and this mouse click and that.  Social network and all, coalesce into walled gardens all bloated and full of pokes.  Reduced vision, corporatised and easier.  Those successes made glossy apps to keep us separate, encased.  Then the apps get pretty much like the pages, particularly in mobile version, easier and more reduced and locked in, all the passwords autofilling across space and time.  Ok, the apps need to share with each other and probably can just buy each other out so they are still separate but have little authorised holes in the walls between them.  So meta apps are starting to be pushed that will house all the apps … which is kind of like a browser.  But locked down again.  And the friends with their babies and critique and rebellion and food porn are within the walls and shout sometimes and ooh, I wonder where to from here.

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