M Phazes Tour at Wollongong Unibar

I was so down down disappointed by this gig.  I had been reasonably looking forward to it and made serious effort considering other aspects of where I was at that night to get there.  However.  I didn’t find any of the MC-ing inspiring at all.  Perhaps Mantra, although unfortunately he had voice issues, or, more, that he kept saying he had lost his voice, has good lyrics but I couldn’t make them out much.  And of course all of the boooyyyss can do the entertaining game.  But the wall of onstage and offstage boys did feel very much not fun for me.  Noticeably different to Elefant Traks gigs.  And none of it was that amazing in terms of actually being wordsmiths.

Wasabi can cut, and I was enjoy watching people be the creatures that they are.  The vocalist with Mass Effect had a good voice: although I hope she claims her confidence and steps centre stage and doesn’t keep performing with boys who literally stand in front of her all the time.

Dialectrix I was really looking forward to, and he has staggering skills, but no-one’s ideas hit me over the head. Which must be part of what I am wanting with MCs.

I know I know frontin’ is part of the hip hop game but on this night I just found it really, really boring, and often unwarranted.  I must not be the target audience for 20 year old boys.  And I’m actually quite prepared to support 20 year old boys, why not?  But when the attitude and the level of inspiration don’t match: sorry.

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