Got free Tix to The Motown Event (thanks Uncle Pete). Music is so powerful. Even when so far from the stage in a dreamlike distance from the performers below; when my eyes wander to the big screen to see the close ups; there was still tears at unexpected cute sweet moments. Thought a lot about the musicians and how their lives have been. How many of them had much materially? But always, the riches of musicand stage biz are massive, and it’s a grind sometimes. So many hits, so many good songs. I had the same thought watching Muchael Jackson’s This Is It movie. It’s good to appreciate areas of music that I haven’t tapped into for a while, to appreciate the solidity of some of the writing. The ladies’ songs seemed to feature being left, and the men’s ‘shopping around’. Barnesey and Mahalia belted their parts. He is the belter. I just instant-gut laugh at the Barnesy belting:) Great to see my Mum grooving and see where she gets her moves from! The Temptations!

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