One of those

Just having one of those days where you have to pay for parking because you got called into work which means paying for transport for the other days that you have to work is threatened.  Because you are a casual worker with not enough hours.  Even though you are willing.  But the pay doesn’t come through till next week to pay to get to the job.  And eat.  And all of the other freelance artist work and academic work always has the cheque in the mail.  Because the senior board members need to sign the cheques and they have been on holidays.  Because they get holidays.  Where you have to move your car at lunch to avoid paying for it.  Change the shoes to walk back from the car.  Where the system has a bug so it’s hard to get work done.  Where it’s hard to get the money to have the clothes for the dress code for the job.  All of which could be easier if there was at least part time permanent, or job sharing.  Where submitting the PhD is getting shunted around casual hours.  Where reporting to Centrleink about a missed appointment because of working is almost impossible because of phone reception and phone queues.  Where I finally get a call back but it takes most of my lunch hour to do this (while walking back from the car parked further away).  Where rescheduling the Centrelink appointment will also take time from the PhD submission because I can’t wait until next week to have it because I need to apply for an advance payment.  To pay bills and car expenses, to help my partner get to a job interview.  Where filling out the job hunting efforts for Centrelink is kinda stupid because I am working in multiple roles, and have much working coming up (so it seems, it’s always precarious though), and I am extremely highly qualified, but this is not recognised (and it’s so goddamn hard to get the thing submitted around this admin treadmill bullshit).


You know.  One of those.

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  1. Oh lady, I feel you. Where the will to continue is sapped by all the lame-ass ass-dragging bullshit of the day to day bleh and you don't now if you can keep at it for a second longer, but you do, you always do, becuase what else would you do. It's not like you can stop.I feel you hard. If you ever need help, you should never be afraid to ask.:)

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