Post Keita Workshop

After a workshop with Mamady Keita I am feeling very quiet and just calm with drumming.  Drumming and me.  My life’s experience with it so far, the different pulls it has had on me.  I am currently thirty, and currently feeling calm: that I can play, keep playing and developing and learning and listening and expressing.  And also: I don’t have to.  For some reason this is very calming and freeing and easier than some of the more ambitious times when I was younger.  Ambition is great and I look forward to more of it: but.  But, for example, I don’t want or need to become totally proficient at djembe, so it is kind of freeing to learn something that I don’t feel as intensely for.  Drumming, yes, rhythm, yes, celebration and joy and experience, yes.  But I don’t have to do this particular style, I don’t have to do everything.  I can do some things just on an experiential level, without competitiveness or self-judgement or self consciousness. Hurrah!

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