Quality people

imageI gave birth recently. I had been seriously contemplating a career change, at some point, to midwifery. Now I am wondering if that was at least partly about getting inspired by quality people, such as my midwife, who is serious quality.

When I experience an inspiring, articulate, humble teacher, or mentor, or doctor, I start getting passionate about them, and their field. I love these roles, but I also enjoy anything that people are interested in, curious about, and showing care with. Well, almost anything. Talk to me about the kidneys, placenta, drug interactions. I’m into it. I also just appreciate it when someone is attentive to being clear, to listening and engaging me as a human.

It also works the other way. The difference I experience when dealing with a grumpy, impersonal, condescending, passive aggressive demon of the night shift or reception lady of the front … Well. Then. The thing is. The difference in manner, in attention to qualities as a person interacting – as whatever bureaucratised resource in the system with their ‘clients’, ‘patients’, or ‘customers’ – can completely transform an experience for me. Say, a night getting through breast feeds with 2 days’ experience, post birth, in hospital while baby is hooked up, probably pretty unnecessarily, to a monitor in a neonatal unit. For example. At such a time, a dragon lady snapping at me, putting a pamphlet in my face asking for consent while not addressing me once by name or greeting … You know. Makes a difference.

Be quality, people.


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