Quote of the Day

” … uncertainty is wondrous, and … certainty, were it to be real, would be moral death.  If we were certain of the future, there would be no moral compulsion to do anything.  We would be free to indulge every passion and pursue every egoism, since all actions fall within the certainty that has been ordained.  If everything is uncertain, then the future is open to creativity, not merely human creativity but the creativity of all nature.  It is open to possibility and, therefore, a better world.  But we can only get there as we are ready to invest our moral energies in its achievement, and as we are ready to struggle with those who, under whatever guise and for whatever excuse, prefer an inegalitarian and undemocratic world.”

 Sorry, for some reason I have no idea where this is from now.  If I find out I’ll let y’all know.

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