Rebel and be the balm

[Trigger warning: violence, sexual violence]


This masculinity is sick.  I’m done.

The heart of violence in the middle of masculine culture.  I reject it.  I reject this society keeping this shit dominant, central, lauded.  I reject that this behaviour is allowed.

Yeah, I’m talking about a footballer raping (because, really) a dog.  This is just one time.  That got caught.  This shit goes on all the time.

And no, not all men, and fucking whatever.

This is the heart of this masculine violence.  You have a penis.  Congratulations.  So do half the population.

There will be more violent rapes of women, possibly animals and children by footballers, and by men upheld by our society.  Sometimes they hit each other, execute a ‘one punch’ death, or just lots of stupid shit involving cars and more violence.

Fucking alcohol.  Fucking Australia.  Fucking men.

In my daily life I presume 98% of men are pretty fucked.  Objectifying me, insulting me with their minds and their gaze.  Street level, institutional level, global financial level: hoarding and greedy and violent and idiotic.

I am capable of compassion and other angles.  But I gotta rebel.

I reject this as ok to live with. Bringing up ‘boys’ that are idiots but they are being ‘boys’.  They were drunk and with the ‘boys’ so it’s ok.  They had a night out with the ‘boys’ because they won a game.  Or lost a game.  They don’t clean the house because they are a ‘boy’.

I avoid, I minimise thinking about it.  I hope to cut my habit with taking in heaps of media and internet content because this shit is fucking traumatic.  Then I heal, music balm, do my practices.

But it’s not ok.

Other than isolating my family as much as I can, activism, or living on a woman’s community, I dunno about answers.  Maybe campaigns that destigmatise speaking up about men being violent.  Maybe all of these.

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