1. I cannot get used to clogs but wow, those are some pretty cotles.Soumblrd over your blog some time ago and I am completely smitten. Love your posts 🙂

  2. I'm seriously jealous of how pretty you look in a long skirt and cardigan! I LOVE that scarf! You look so great and I love hearing about your class of chatty girls 🙂 Your blog updates are my favorite. They make me want to come visit! But then I realize I don't have a couple thousand dollars to spend. So close ;)Miss you stupid!

  3. a home organization binder. I am so inspired by Life As Mom and her Bible… I mean brain… I mean BINDER. My goal is to make one this year. (By the way, you can get $2 off any purchase $8 or more in the

  4. The Nov. 16, 2010 WSJ story Pfizer Sets Pact With University highlights the arrangement Pfizer will have with UCSF to bring promising drugs to market.One really has to question the impact $85,000,000.00 over five years will have on the research and results of this collaboration. From my prospective, having such a large influx of cash will certainly color the results of any research and in an effort to promote the partnership UCSF will be very generous with positive spin in an effort to continue this cash stream.Steve Lucas

  5. Piszesz:> Witek Prytek: “WÅ‚amywacze zostanÄ… namierzeni i ukarani”Jacy wÅ‚amywacze? Przecież GraÅ› powiedziaÅ‚, że to wynik dużego zainteresowania ciekawymi treÅ›ciami tam zamieszczonymi. To teraz ludzi ciekawych bÄ™dÄ… karać? 🙂 – gen. Koziej już nam przypomniaÅ‚ o opcji wprowadzenia stanu wojennego z powodu cyberatakuPatrzaj go!

  6. !Arriba tus tres cojones!Sobra todo lo demás, que so lo puede llevar el viento…Pues sí, Fabian, si te acompañamos al regreso o hacia donde marque la brújula de tu voluntad.Me siento muy orgulloso y honrado de poder pertenecer a esta “troupe” para la que eres espejo.Los reflejos, son de estrella de primera magnitud, no lo dudamos… tú, ya lo sabes.Suerte, mucha suerte y que los Hados te guíen y velen por tí, CAMPEÓN.Tu voto: 0  0

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