Stop Motherfracking CSG

Funny, I think I’ve heard this kind of debate just a few times before.  No, it’s really safe.  No, we’ve never done it before and messed with the water supply, the soil on this scale, with these chemicals and processes, but it’s safe. How do we know?  Trust us.  Because we’ve been so reliable before.

Also, how does it work if one Liberal is going to defend farmers against CSG companies, and another is going to now work as a lobbyist for CSG companies.  The parliamentary inquiry better not be tainted by this ish.  Which is why stop CSG and lock the gate are good things.  Seriously, leukemia causing chemicals and spontaneous abortions?  

John Ralston Saul’s On Equilibrium talks about prudence as common sense and conservative behaviour, something that conservatives, of course, aren’t exactly doing.

Jess Moore and others who instigated stop CSG Illawarra are running for election in Wollongong Council. 

There’s a Four Corners piece on CSG here.

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