The anti-judgement vow

It’s the 16th of June, 2013.

Here we go, a year-long vow.  

To ease back from judging women.  Within the particular storm of hate around Julia Gillard at the moment, living in a porn-saturated world, a confusing world: I vow.  To ease my thoughts back from judging women.  As often as I can, again and again.  For being skinny.  Liking clothes.  For their looks.  For what they do to their looks.  For what they don’t do.  Their waxing, their botox.  Their feral edges, tracksuit days.  For selfies, for their status updates.  Substance abuse, for their current partner.  For being alone.  Their work, lack of work; education, and lack of it.  Motherhood or no.  Contraception or no.  Drinking or inhaling.  Porn or Christianity.  Worldliness or naivety.  

Really.  The judgements can be so instantaneous and sly.  Hard to catch.  But they are there, subtle, sneaking around as I have been taught to do.  Snipey comments, those hips are from her grandmother.  My side of the family doesn’t have that.  I don’t think you should wear that.  Burrowing mindworms.  

So, a year, at least, of applying my own consciousness to my own.  

Let’s see.


  1. If it was I who made the comment about hips… you have misunderstood what I said. I have said a couple of times that you are lucky to inherit the hips and longer legs of both your grandmothers and not my large hips and stubby legs. ( Of course I get how that is my sad story of how I conceive my body and is not condusive to my body image and perhaps my mental health )

    1. Hi Ma,

      Just found this comment! Yeah, kind of mixing it all in here and not being too precise about what was said when … but anyway, it’s kind of a thing about reclaiming being in a body and pushing away the stories about it, and not judging women whatever the story or the body or the comparison … and thinking about how normalised it is to make commentary on women, whether positive or negative.

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