Tim Minchin and The Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

He is idea-spilling, heart-rubbing and quick, self-deprecating and in the sound.  The show was an excellent achievement.  Lyrics had me grinning, peace-sign stabbing in a weird ‘yes!’, thank God someone is saying this.  Singing it, orchestrated, with great musicians and a great fairness of thought.  Human in that honest putting-it-all-on the stage kind of way which actually wasn’t indulgent or neurotic.  And his look is just him after a while.  It is the commentary when ‘consuming news’ that would make life sane: so having it in one musical, funny package is a relief washing through.  A really fantastic height: I imagine it would feel great to reach the point of being able to do a show like this.  He balanced his atheist, intelligent perspective with a respect for belief that resulted in this overriding human quality.  By contrast, for example, Baba Brinkman’s show seemed like an example of clever rhetoric in musical/theatre form that is to win an argument, whereas Tim sang in defence of ‘sitting on the fence’.  

I’m really glad he exists and that he did this.  And that all the people that helped him did it also.

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